2006 Equality Rider: Angel Collie

Name: Angel Collie
Hometown: Bunn, North Carolina
Age: 20

The Equality ride is central to the beliefs and values I have fought for and believe in, which is why I am so excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity. I look forward to going out and being a light into the darkness of oppression, fear, and hate. My hope is that through love we can all unite because our diversity is our strength and our gift. I see the Equality Ride as my opportunity to get back to where my passions lie, and make positive changes in the world. Specifically, I would like to bring light to the oppression that gender roles and expectations place on society. Being a F2M transgendered person, I want to do my part to bring down unfair rules based on gender as well as awareness and acceptance of trans-identified people. I would like to see a world united by love, rather than plagued by division of any sort. I firmly believe to know us is to love us therefore, I welcome questions and talk openly of my experiences as a trans-person. I know knowledge is the cure to ignorance, therefore, I push myself to be out, visible, and loud about who I am. I hope to bring these gifts to the ride so that God may use me to be one of his lights in the valley.

Angel has been sponsored a total amount of $1600.00.

Name Location Amount
Jeffrey Hall Leesburg, VA $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $25.00
Melissa Edwards Durham, North Carolina $50.00
Robin Allen Raleigh, NC $25.00
Neil Marshall Calgary, Alberta $50.00
Robin Ellis Los Angeles, CA $25.00
Stan Kimer Raleigh, NC $50.00
Loretta Tyman Youngsville, NC $100.00
Tim Hamilton Berkeley, CA $50.00
CJ Durham, NC $100.00
Karen Solon Falls Church, va $25.00
Eric Kristensen and Geoff Reid Ottawa, ON $50.00
Nick Taylor spanish fork, UT $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Jay Decker Chicago, IL $100.00
Suzanne Stultz St Paul, Minnesota $500.00
Alana Maffessanti & Jules Taylor Mebane, NC $100.00
Jeff Dunlap Brooklyn, NY $50.00
Chris Lung Huntington Beach, CA $100.00
Cassi Buckner Rocky Mount, NC $25.00