2006 Equality Rider: David Coleman

Name: David Coleman
Hometown: Delano, Minnesota
Age: 22

Imagine a young gay person kneeling before God, crying with every ounce of her soul. She wants to die. She is told by her peers, her church, and her professors that homosexuality is a sin. They don’t understand her inner turmoil. But she is not alone, and I want to be the one to tell her, because the pain she feels is pain I have felt. Her struggle is one I have fought. At my Christian campus, after four years of attending, I was expelled before I could finish my ministry degree. And this didn’t happen in the dark ages; it only happened a few months ago. I could do nothing. But I can do something for others, and that’s why the Equality Ride is so amazing. It gives me the ability to turn one of the greatest injustices of my life into something positive.

David has been sponsored a total amount of $3760.00.

Name Location Amount
Peter Nehem San Jose, CA $50.00
Scott McKenzie Minneapolis, MN $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $200.00
Kenn Chaplin Toronto, Ontario $50.00
Ruth & David Waterbury Minneapolis, MN $3000.00
Tracy Bechtel Aurora, CO $10.00
James E. Snodgrass Palm Springs, CA $50.00
james eckard minneapolis, mn $100.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
TAMS St. Paul, Minnesota $25.00
kent gebhard minneapolis, mn $50.00
Gloria Ferguson St. Paul, MN $50.00
Daniel Schneider Maple Lake, MN $25.00