2006 Equality Rider: David Durand

Name: David Durand
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 26

I am going on this movement to confront places of "higher learning" that threaten, reject, and endanger the lives of my brothers and sisters for simply recognizing their profound gift from God.

David has been sponsored a total amount of $3725.00.

Name Location Amount
Mike Taczak Blacksburg, VA $50.00
Paul Neebe Chapel Hill, NC $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $200.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Em & Scott St. Paul, MN $50.00
Don Ofstedal & Jerry Lee Minneapolis, MN $3000.00
joseph white jersey city, nj $50.00
William Engeland St. Louis Park, Minnesota $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Tina, Mo, Erik and Kaia Fahnestock Saint Paul, MN $50.00
Dan McLellan Shoreview, MN $50.00
Randall Lahr Los Angeles, CA $50.00