2006 Equality Rider: Dawn Davridge

Name: Dawn Davridge
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Age: 23

This ride is about my life and the life of so many students out there, gay and straight, who are blinded by the fear and hate promoted in the conservative christian world. I lived in that world and never questioned what they were telling me until I fell in love with my best friend and starting searching for the answers of why God wouldn’t take that "sin" away. What I found was a world of people out there who read and studied the bible and were committed to God and Jesus just as much as anyone I knew, and they showed me the evidence of God’s love for all as affirmed in the same bible that was used to kick me out of college. Therefore, what I wish to accomplish during this ride is to set students free from the "unquestionable power" of the conservative church and to show them the way to the true Jesus of the scriptures, the Jesus who loved and accepted all unconditionally, the Jesus who believed in justice for all humans, the Jesus who challenged the prejudices and supposed "powers" of the religion of his day and said all people belong to God and the church has no right to limit God’s love and acceptance or to put words in God’s mouth because God was perfectly able to speak for God’s self and say, "I love EVERYONE".

Dawn has been sponsored a total amount of $1025.00.

Name Location Amount
Kevin Nelson Knoxville, Tennessee $50.00
brian davison knoxville, tn $100.00
Robert Perry Charleston, WV $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $25.00
Frederick Weldy Stanford, CA $250.00
JoAnn C. Kurzynowski McAfee, New Jersey $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Allen Corben Pasadena, California $25.00
Daniel Willson Brooklyn, NY $100.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Mary and Sarah Bonevelle/Boswell Grand Rapids, MI $50.00
Toni Garner Sacramento, CA $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Union Graduate Jacksonville, Florida $50.00