2006 Equality Rider: Di Gray

Name: Di Gray
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Age: 22

I am incredibly excited about being a part of the Equality Ride. I take to heart the saying of Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." I want to see proud gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons, and allies living their lives without fear on campuses across the country. As we travel to these universities, we will be able to create that reality and bear witness to faith, justice, and equality.

Di has been sponsored a total amount of $1230.00.

Name Location Amount
Lauren Eyler Washington, DC $50.00
Julie Bryant Los Angeles, CA $250.00
Andrew Hall West Caldwell, NJ $25.00
Keith Catlin Barcelona, Spain $25.00
Polly Kinsey San Diego, CA $100.00
Leah Allen Washington, DC $25.00
Laura Meissner Fairview Park, OH $20.00
Charlene Brown North Plainfield, NJ $25.00
Jocelyn Mahone Old Greenwich, CT $25.00
Kerry Gibbons New York, NY $10.00
Wayne & Vesla Gray La Jolla, Ca $250.00
Max Coffman Portland, OR $25.00
Diana Aurisch Berlin, Germany $25.00
Hanan Nassau Washington, DC $25.00
Meghan Barfield Portland, Oregon $25.00
Sarah Lundeen Los Angeles, CA $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Emily Wood Palo Alto, CA $25.00
Polly Kinsey San Diego, CA $100.00
Beckie Roy Berkeley, CA $25.00
William Gray Irvine, CA $50.00

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