2006 Equality Rider: Diane Bedwell

Name: Diane Bedwell
Hometown: Ellensburg, Washington
Age: 23

Freedom and equality. Two values many Americans hold close to their hearts. Looking at the GLBT community should make anyone realize that these values are restricted for many segments of the population. We need change, but more importantly we need to open our minds and hearts to be the change. The most effective way to open minds and hearts is through honest, open conversations. I’m standing up for freedom and riding for equality.

Diane has been sponsored a total amount of $1320.00.

Name Location Amount
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Gerard Hogan Ellensburg, WA $25.00
Richard Murphy Miami, FL $75.00
Megan Divyak Ellensburg, WA $30.00
Eunice Fisher St. Petersburg, FL $100.00
Mary Beth Blakey Richmond, VA $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Susan Neil San Anselmo, CA $50.00
Dinah Douglas and Linda Fowler Charlottesville, Virginia $50.00
Jeff Lutes Austin, Texas $50.00
Pat Mail Tacoma, WA $100.00
Gloria Beckley Ellensburg, WA $50.00
Karen Loyd South Charleson, West Virginia $100.00
Emily Bedwell Seattle, WA $25.00
Bryan Powell Calverton, VA $250.00
Young Han Clinton, NY $15.00
PFLAG of Kittitas County Ellensburg, WA $200.00
Anna Creech Ellensburg, WA $25.00