2006 Equality Rider: Donte Warren-Smith

Name: Donte Warren-Smith
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Age: 19

Tikkum Olam. Repair the world.
I decided to undergo this amazing journey because of this simple call-to-action that Judaism has always stressed in my own life. I decided to join the Equality Ride because as a social justice activist, I have been struggling with complexities of a life of service, a life of working with those who live their lives in the shadows of our forgetful and brutal world. Ultimately for me this trip is about creating a spirit in various sites that we are visiting and within the larger human community: a spirit of hope and love and sheer queer brilliance. I hope this spirit, combined and motivated by with the actions of courageous individuals and movements across the globe, will inspire people to each take up their own yokes in healing this bruised and battered planet. I believe with the plethora of tools, talents and privileges that each of us equality riders have been granted coupled with devastatingly selfless love, transformative beauty, and relentless hope, we can do amazing things.

Donte has been sponsored a total amount of $1368.00.

Name Location Amount
Anonymous Donor   $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $100.00
Anonymous Donor   $100.00
Jim and Marty Wright Lynchburg, VA $100.00
Mark Richardson Los Osos, CA $25.00
Jill Anderson Loveland, CO $50.00
Dante Zappala Philadelphia, PA $50.00
Jeff Farris San Francisco, Ca $150.00
Nick Taylor SPANISH FORK, UT $50.00
Denis O’Hare Brooklyn, NY $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Dana Belmonte San Luis Obispo, Ca $100.00
Sam Wolfe Washington, DC $50.00
Cris Elkins Greensboro, NC $50.00
Paul Rumsey St. Louis Park, MN $100.00
Blume/Salomon Household Silver Spring, MD $100.00
Theodore DeLaney Lexington, VA $50.00
David Ebert & Scott Wilder Westford, MA $25.00
Carl M. Cliver Studio City, California $75.00
Anonymous Donor   $18.00