2006 Equality Rider: Haven Herrin, co-director

Name: Haven Herrin
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Age: 23

As a Buddhist presence on the Soulforce Equality Ride, I understand my place within this dialogue. The persecution promoted by religious fundamentalism affects my life as much as anyone’s. I am humbled to share this platform with a diverse group of people who fight for justice for equally diverse reasons. To release people, closeted or otherwise, from the prison of hate, ignorance and judgment is my hope this spring. I want to bring this discussion into the public forum for all of America to know and to oppose the schools’ damaging policies. I want to force the schools to publicly own the suffering they cause and to inspire conscious analysis in all of us so that we end the apathy surrounding these issues.

Haven has been sponsored a total amount of $4795.00.

Name Location Amount
Mark & Tracy Herrin Dallas, TX $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $100.00
Lisabeth Mims Dallas, TX $100.00
Pat O’Connell Dallas, TX $20.00
Rebecca Buck Petersburg, VA $50.00
Jacob Hovenier Bellingham, WA $500.00
Peg Wellik Minneapolis, MN $50.00
Virginia Page Richmond, Virginia $25.00
Christopher Gamblæ„°e-Wallendjack Astoria, New York $50.00
Tyger Valverde Mineola, Texas $50.00
Mike Tidmus and Peter Hartikka Amsterdam, Netherlands $50.00
Jeff Lutes Austin, Texas $25.00
Rebeculous Chicago, IL $50.00
Barbara Zimmerman SANDY BAY, TAS Australia $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
George Hamm Minneapolis, MN $50.00
Tanja Softic Richmond, Virginia $50.00
Camisha Jones Richmond, VA $25.00
Pat Mail Tacoma, WA $100.00
Anne Wynne and Fred Ellis Austin, TX $50.00
Peter Elliott Wyoming, MI $100.00
erin white Little Rock, AR $50.00
Polly Lou Moore Dallas, TX $3000.00
Elizabeth Gushee Charlottesville, Virginia $25.00
Rob Killian Seattle, WA $100.00

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