2006 Equality Rider: Jacob Neal

Name: Jacob Neal
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Age: 21
Home Page: www.steptothemusic.blogspot.com

Growing up learning about the great Christian martyrs of the past and the charismatic Civil Rights leaders of the 1960s, I always wondered if I would have had the guts to stand up for my beliefs. Would I have been the one out on the streets up against Bull Connor’s police dogs and fire hoses, or would I have followed the advisory and stayed inside, thinking to myself in the safety of my home, "Gosh, this is wrong." Now, I have the chance to test myself, but more than just a personal challenge, for me this ride represents a call to humanity. Although I do not have all the answers, I am certain that our mere presence on these campuses will provide a positive outlet for students who feel their lives are no longer worth living. And that is why I signed my name, my time, and my efforts to the Equality Ride. No matter what happens, this ride represents my hope for the future.

Jacob has been sponsored a total amount of $4600.00.

Name Location Amount
John Pagan Richmond, VA $100.00
Elizabeth Deems Cambridge, MA $20.00
Carolyn Scheel Richmond, Virginia $25.00
Colleen Carney Midlothian, Virginia $50.00
Megan Embrey University of Richmond, Virginia $25.00
Rebekah Neal Charlottesville, VA $100.00
Anne Marie Pleska San Diego, CA $250.00
Julie Tea Richmond, VA $100.00
Chelsea Lynch Atlanta, GA $25.00
Katie Campbell Richmond, VA $50.00
Sarah Wacker Univ of Richmond, VA $25.00
Dr. Daphne Burt, Chaplain University of Richmond, VA $100.00
Dr. Len Goldberg, VP for Student Affairs University of Richmond, VA $100.00
Peter & Kathleen Neal Richmond, VA $3000.00
Lee Carleton Richmond, VA $50.00
Virginia Page Richmond, Virginia $25.00
Kimberly Jones University of Richmond, VA $50.00
Tyrone Hanley Washington, DC $30.00
Joyce Bennett University of Richmond, VA $50.00
Kristen Tilley Richmond, VA $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Camisha Jones Richmond, VA $25.00
Tony Horney & John Neal Greensboro, NC $250.00
Rebecca Trudel Charlottesville, VA $25.00