2006 Equality Rider: Jamie St. Ledger

Name: Jamie St. Ledger
Hometown: South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age: 28

I was raised in a conservative Catholic church in the Midwest, sheltered from many important issues, including sexuality, gender equality, and racial equality. Oddly enough, an episode of Barbara Walter’s 20/20 introduced me to homosexuality and this began my decade long period of internalized homophobia which entailed an intense self-brainwashing/deprogramming regimen that would put Exodus International to shame. I’ve been out as an androgynous dyke for 9 years now, still in the midst of a healing process where I am learning to love and accept myself. I feel adamant that no one experience the humiliation, self-hatred, and isolation that stunted my personal growth. It angers me that many questioning youth and closeted adults are still suffering- this is my main motivation for joining the Equality Ride. I want all humanity to live in cultures of love and acceptance where they have the safety and freedom to explore the depth of their whole person. Nothing less than this is acceptable!

Jamie has been sponsored a total amount of $1075.00.

Name Location Amount
David Lindquist Bellevue, WA $100.00
Monica Sabia Croton on Hudson, NY $100.00
Sarah Jolie Forest Park, IL $75.00
Michele Gomes Seattle, Washington $100.00
Lynda St. Ledger Bellevue, WA $50.00
Mary Darragh MacLean Croton on Hudson, NY $50.00
Deb Hale Palatine, IL $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Monica Ewing Plymouth, MI $50.00
erin white Little Rock, AR $50.00
David Castle & Steve Zeiden Denver, CO $75.00
Toni Garner Sacramento, CA $50.00
Rev. L Crelly Twin Cities, MN Lakeville, MN $100.00
Amanda Zimlich Seattle, WA $50.00
Abby Sanford Capper Madison, WI $25.00