2006 Equality Rider: Jarrett Lucas

Name: Jarrett Lucas
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 20

No one’s academic freedom should be abrogated due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Instead of letting my silence perpetuate injustice, I’ve chosen to contribute to efforts to end inequality. The Soulforce Equality Ride is an unmistakably bold way to make the voice of the entire LGBTQ community heard. I feel extremely privileged to serve as an emissary for the numerous progressive thinkers who truly understand the meaning of liberty. And I am certain that this incredible journey will incite unprecedented change in present and future generations.

Jarrett has been sponsored a total amount of $2570.00.

Name Location Amount
Jessica Levin Edison, NJ $10.00
Cherie Lipscomb Lamott, PA $50.00
Mary Hood Philadelphia, PA $50.00
Adam Diaz Mulberry, Fl $15.00
Wanda Lucas Covington, GA $25.00
Colleen Bynum Lamott, PA $10.00
Tim Hamilton Berkeley, CA $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Terell Richardson Baldwin, NY $25.00
Dave Everett Portland, OR $50.00
Eric Kristensen & Geoff Reid Ottawa, ON $50.00
Nick Taylor SPANISH FORK, UT $50.00
jody mattox jacksonville, florida $100.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Suzanne Stultz St Paul, Minnesota $500.00
Gordon McCoy Chicago, IL $50.00
St Johns Episcopal Church, Huntingdon Valley PA Bedminster, PA $250.00
Rick Kappra San Francisco, CA $50.00
donald routhier Somersworth, New Hampshire $100.00
Paul Rumsey St. Louis Park, MN $100.00
e. richard brown Marina, CA $250.00
Lorna Cohen Laguna Beach, CA $250.00
Christina Allan Sacramento, California $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $10.00
PFLAG, Hartford CT chapter Glastonbury, CT $75.00
Carl M. Cliver Studio City, California $75.00
Shariah Dixon-Turner New Castle, DE $100.00
Mimi Dixon Philadelphia, PA $50.00
Carrie and Ernest Philadelphia, PA $50.00

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