2006 Equality Rider: Jessie Sullivan

Name: Jessie Sullivan
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 21

Open and honest dialogue is often sought after, but can be a tall order to fill. Actions like The Equality Ride are exactly the thing necessary to create open dialogue about the effects of discriminatory policies towards the GLBT community in the Church, and the world as a whole. Equality Ride grabbed my heart and whispered in my ear, "This is your chance to change and be changed." I welcome that call.

Jessie has been sponsored a total amount of $1055.00.

Name Location Amount
Michele Gomes Seattle, WA $25.00
Terry Dunphy San Antonio, Texas $50.00
Maggie Karshner Syracuse, NY $50.00
Jill Hokanson Seguin, TX $10.00
Jeff Lutes Austin, Texas $25.00
Roberto Flores San Antonio, TX $25.00
Daniel Graney San Antonio, TX $25.00
Madeleine Dewar San Antonio, TX $10.00
Maggi Joseph San Antonio, TX $10.00
Zada True-Courage San Antonio, TX $25.00
Aunt Deb North Berwick, ME $50.00
Jason Chesnut St. Paul, Minnesota $10.00
Anonymous Donor   $40.00
Claire Packard Seattle, WA $50.00
Pastor Kevin Downer & Tobias Bishop San Antonio, TX $100.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Anne Wynne and Fred Ellis Austin, TX $50.00
Martha Oestreich New Braunfels, TX $50.00
Olga Hernandez & Lynne Armstrong San Antonio, Texas $50.00
Barry Hubbard San Antonio, TX $25.00
michael perry Studio City, CA $100.00
Karlyn Johnson San Antonio, Texas $25.00
Davy Barret Fort Hood, TX $150.00

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