2006 Equality Rider: Jonathan Awtrey

Name: Jonathan Awtrey
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 23

Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world;" and the Soulforce Equality Ride provides me with the chance to maybe not make a change in the world but perhaps make a change in a mind. I mean look at the reality of the Equality Ride: it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, make friends, solidify one’s personal identity and beliefs and most of all make an effort to open people’s minds to new ideas and view points. Rom 12:2 and Phil 4:8

Jonathan has been sponsored a total amount of $2225.00.

Name Location Amount
Adam Bost Columbia, SC $50.00
Sharon & John Bost Roswell, GA $50.00
Matthew Foster Winston-Salem, NC $25.00
Rebecca Evans Northport, Alabama $250.00
Brandi Jandt Seguin, TX $25.00
Alan Zelhart Chandler, AZ $100.00
Kenn Chaplin Toronto, Ontario $50.00
Dean Blakeley Raleigh, NC $100.00
Brad Handshy San Jose, CA $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $10.00
Anonymous Donor   $100.00
Marlin Bynum Breckenridge, TX $100.00
Julia Hartman Tuscaloosa, AL $25.00
William B Henderson Tuscaloosa, AL $50.00
Steve Ferency Denver, CO $50.00
David Bridge Gastonia, NC $50.00
Mark Lawrence & Alan Sutherland Houston, TX $100.00
Mark Holdbrooks Boulder, CO $250.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Tim Princeton, NJ $50.00
Kate Logan Englewood, CO $15.00
Tom Bishop Shaker Heights, OH $50.00
David Farmer Springfield, VA $50.00
ray miles college Park, MD $50.00
Paul Rumsey St. Louis Park, MN $100.00
Mary Elizabeth Peterson Knoxville, TN $25.00
Donny Setser Louisa, KY $100.00
Kenn Chaplin Toronto, Ontario $75.00
Ray Miles Savage, MD $50.00
Jean Rabian Newtown Square, PA $50.00
Ralph Hackett Newtown Square, PA $50.00
Joel Watson Birmingham, AL $25.00