2006 Equality Rider: Kara Speltz

Name: Kara Speltz
Hometown: Oakland, California
Age: 68

Because I’m 68, I have a lot of memories of the Freedom Rides, so when I heard about our Equality Ride project, I had to take time out to join our young people on this historic ride. I’m really looking forward to helping the students and faculty at these universities comprehend the damage done to LGBTs when they operate under such discriminatory policies. I vividly remember a lesbian Liberty student’s fear as she came to visit me – deathly afraid that someone would see her and report her to school authorities. That kind of fear is debilitating to the soul. I’m participating in part of the Equality Ride for her and for other students like her. I will be joining the ride in Abilene, Texas A&M, and the CCCU conference in Dallas. I think as a mother and grandmother of two, I add a different dimension to people’s understandings of LGBTs.

Kara has been sponsored a total amount of $840.00.

Name Location Amount
Kenneth Gonyo Fort Lauderdale, FL $200.00
Thomas bull Alexandria, VA $100.00
Ruth Kelso San Jose, CA $100.00
Carol Boltz Albany, IN $50.00
Another Radical Grandmother Chicago, IL $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Ruth Sims Danville, IL $100.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Equality Fauquier/Culpeper Remington, Va $40.00
Pat Roche Kirkland, WA $50.00