2006 Equality Rider: Kayla Bonewell

Name: Kayla Bonewell
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 26
Home Page: www.cahouse.blogspot.com

I am lending my time and talents towards the equality ride because I believe that every human being has been created beautiful and holy in the eyes of God, and at least in America should be able to achieve whatever level of education or career path they choose without discrimination due to their sexual orientation.

Kayla has been sponsored a total amount of $2490.00.

Name Location Amount
B. Eileen Altman Santa Cruz, CA $100.00
J. William Pezick Richmond, CA $100.00
Maura Singer Williams Oakland, CA $54.00
J Terrell-Wilkes Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $75.00
Amy Oden Sykesville, MD $100.00
Casey Akins Mililani, HI $100.00
Melissa Wright Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $50.00
Bill & Linda McKinney Berkeley, CA $100.00
Amie Giordano Berkeley, CA $25.00
J. William Pezick Richmond, CA $100.00
Allison Mark Berkeley, CA $50.00
Audrey G. DeCoursey Berkeley, CA $15.00
Marsha Raulston & Marge Boric San Francisco, CA $100.00
William Chou and Meina Ko El Cerrito, CA $200.00
Jean Lau Berkeley, CA $35.00
Mary (Jody) Nederveld Lafayette, LA $100.00
Michelle Harris and Matthew Gloyer Berkeley, CA $25.00
Dong Soo Lee Berkeley, CA $40.00
Gigi Fairfield, CA $15.00
Andrea Bieler Oakland, CA $100.00
John Davis San Francisco, CA $100.00
Cowgirl Red Madrid, New Mexico $100.00
Hilary Noskin Albuquerque, New Mexico $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Nancy & Denise Fuller-Hines Oklahoma City, OK $50.00
Brian Card Washington, DC $50.00
Mandy Caruso & Angela Yahne Kansas City, MO $31.00
Jonathan Rayner Fort Worth, TX $100.00
Brian & Jeannie Patterson Peoria, AZ $250.00
Saskia Mills & Kevin English Davis, CA $25.00
saul’s restaurant & deli Hayward, ca $100.00
Gerond George Grand Prairie, TX $50.00
Jennifer & Meredith Shaevitz Oklahoma City, Ok $25.00