2006 Equality Rider: Kevin Mumaugh

Name: Kevin Mumaugh
Hometown: Laramie, Wyoming
Age: 22
Home Page: www.geocities.com/equalityridekevin

When I heard about the Equality Ride I felt I was given a unique opportunity to help make progress towards one of the greatest causes in my life. It is a chance for me to extend my level of activism to a wider level so that I might improve the quality of life on college campuses not only for myself but for future students. As a gay man and aspiring future teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to be a strong gay role model in a national school system that often does not support or encourage the success of our GLBT students. I hope this Ride will give me the strength and experience I need to help me in my future as a progressive teacher. I hope it might gives me ideas for methods in promoting GLBT acceptance not only in colleges, but also eventually in my teaching career. But more importantly, by protesting anti-gay policies in college institutions, I hope to help create an environment that will be more open, accepting, and educated with regard to the students, both gay and straight, who pass through my classes and move on to a life in higher education. I am excited to be a part of the Equality Ride and look forward to it with the greatest anticipation.

Kevin has been sponsored a total amount of $1255.00.

Name Location Amount
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Robert Green Vista, CA $50.00
Kurt Hall and Jim Larson Minneapolis, MN $100.00
Jennifer Mumaugh Laramie, Wy $100.00
Dan Cooney SPANISH FORK, UT $50.00
Uncle Dennis Nevada City, CA $200.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Sandy Toensing Blacksburg, VA $50.00
Steven Pastor Denver, CO $55.00
Gary Grefenberg & Scott Ritchie Roseville, MN $50.00
Paul Rumsey St. Louis Park, MN $100.00
Gerald Michaud skowhegan, maine $50.00
Ronald Seidman New York, New York $100.00
SPECTRUM Laramie, Wy $150.00
Michael Spinella Florida, NY $50.00