2006 Equality Rider: Meg Sneed

Name: Meg Sneed
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizonia
Age: 23

I spent the greater portion of my life lying about who I really was. I was swimming in a world of insecurities and confusion and torrential gusts of isolation, every day was a struggle. It wasn’t until years after I came out did I realize that being openly gay is an act of honesty, an act of courage, an act of integrity, and an act that God celebrates. The time in my life has arrived where I know it is time for me to step up, time for me to speak up, and time for me to make sure that "equality" is much more than just a word. The Equality Ride is an unbelievable opportunity, one that I am excited and blessed to be a part of. By embarking on the Equality Ride, I will be strengthened inside by the experience of affirming the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Meg has been sponsored a total amount of $1005.00.

Name Location Amount
Kristen Coy Milford, NH $25.00
BJ McClintic Tucson, AZ $50.00
Veronica Ormrod New Haven, CT $25.00
Christopher Duschik Glendale, AZ $25.00
Beth & Elisabeth McWilliams Phoenix, AZ $100.00
Lisa and Jill Becker Surprise, AZ $100.00
Rachel Sampson Colorado Springs, CO $50.00
Diego "Bert" Reyes Phoenix, Arizona $10.00
H2O Phoenix, Az $50.00
Sheila Schroeder Englewood, CO $50.00
Sheena Sneed Gilbert, AZ $20.00
Jayson Glendale, Arizona $15.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Patrick Rummans & Hieu Nguyen Glendale, az $250.00
Randall Reaves Dallas, Texas $60.00
Andy MacDonald Evanston, IL $50.00
Diana Raine Clawson, Michigan $25.00