2006 Equality Rider: Monica Carmean

Name: Monica Carmean
Hometown: Fresno, California
Age: 20

I’m excited about the ability to have face to face contact to challenge the assumptions of these flawed policies and the students who suffer under them. The Equality Ride is the ultimate grassroots expression of the unconditional and accepting love of God. This is an amazing opportunity to share His love in places that have been so full of hate and oppression.

Monica has been sponsored a total amount of $2095.00.

Name Location Amount
Larry Whitted Lodi, CA $100.00
Mary Ann Halligan Rohnert Park, Ca. $50.00
Ingrid Carmean Fresno, CA $250.00
Vanessa Carmean Davis, CA $75.00
Troy Robertson NYC, NY $25.00
Pat Rickey Houston, TX $50.00
Kevin & Bruce San Francisco, CA $25.00
Mark Poole & Aaron Huppert Minneapolis, MN $250.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Rev. Frank Baldwin Orinda, CA $100.00
College Community Congregational Church Peace & Justice Committee Fresno, CA $75.00
Wendy Rogers Aliso Viejo, CA $50.00
friends of cadets west point, ny $670.00
Jason Henke Newbury Park, CA $100.00
Jason Henke Newbury Park, CA $100.00
Dave Carmean Vancouver, BC $75.00