2006 Equality Rider: Nathan Bengtson

Name: Nathan Bengtson
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Age: 24

I am doing the Soulforce Equality Ride to challenge myself and to challenge the abilities that I have regarding equal rights for GLBT individuals. I hope that by my actions I can speak for all those individuals that have been oppressed because of their sexuality.

Nathan has been sponsored a total amount of $2235.00.

Name Location Amount
Cathleen Bengtson Grand Rapids, MN $100.00
Sonya Steven St. Paul, MN $50.00
Jane and Gary Legwold Minneapolis, MN $100.00
T Howell Eden Prairie, Minnsota $30.00
Steve, Wendy, Jessica, Jamie, Alexa, Bailey, Addy Bengtson Chippewa Falls, WI $100.00
Brianna Bengtson Northfield, MN $50.00
Denny & Linda Bengtson Northfield, MN $100.00
Tami, Mike, Sydney, Sam Pletan Maple Grove, MN $50.00
Nick Edwards Seattle, WA $25.00
Darroll Bengtson New Brighton, MN $100.00
Jim McConkey Minneapolis, Minnesota $75.00
Michele & Doreen Rinne Deer River, MN $50.00
Helene Haapala Northfield, MN $100.00
Kim and Neal Boeder St. Paul, MN $50.00
Nick Wells Seattle, WA $250.00
Michael O’Malley East Chicago, IN $100.00
Pete & Kim Venuta Stillwater, Minnesota $50.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
J. R. Chin LIC, ny $50.00
Roger Blough Ringgold, Georgia $25.00
Karen Helland Northfield, MN $20.00
Rick Szeto Seattle, WA $50.00
Helene Haapala Northfield, MN $100.00
Paul Rumsey St. Louis Park, MN $100.00
Tony Gilbert Seattle, Washington $25.00
Hillary Smith Seattle, WA $50.00
Tiffany Lordan Seattle, WA $25.00
Cris Kimbrough Edison, New Jersey $75.00
The Anderson Clan – Mike, Julie, Arika, Jade and Skyler Seattle, WA $50.00
Rick Simon Minneapolis, MN $25.00
Krista Schuurman Northfield, MN $25.00
Shalynn Lutz Eagan, MN $50.00
Erin Bank New York, NY $25.00
David Fuller Mint Hill, NC $60.00

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