2006 Equality Rider: Pamela Disel

Name: Pamela Disel
Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Age: 26

Although I can respect and value, in many ways, the teaching of religion, I am tired of being misrepresented in the classroom. I am aware that one day of LGBTQ presence on these campuses will not immediately change policy but I merely embrace the opportunity to represent myself. I and those who share my sexual orientation have endured the results of ignorant messages. I will present my truth now, thank you. I and the other Riders will no longer allow LGBTQ students of religous and military schools to feel alone. For this one day they will see their healthy, loving, kind and fabulous brothers and sisters. They will see us standing for them when they can’t stand on their own and this will hopefully lift the straw that could otherwise break the camel’s back. I’m going on the Equality Ride for all of the above reasons and because I cannot shake the guilt I’ve always had for allowing others like me to suffer under the hand of those who have educated themselves through fear rather than the truth about homosexuality.

Pamela has been sponsored a total amount of $1525.00.

Name Location Amount
Stephanie Monks Stillwater, OK $100.00
Michelle Lillis Co. Clare, Ireland $25.00
Jimmy and Jaime Burns Stillwater, Oklahoma $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $50.00
Virgil & Maxine Stratton Stillwater, OK $50.00
Lucy & Harold Wilkes Stillwater, OK $50.00
Linda Swearingen Shawnee, OK $100.00
Jill Barnhart Watertown, MA $100.00
Melissa Jonassen-Moore Ithaca, NY $25.00
Don Satterthwaite Bixby, OK $100.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Suzanne Stultz St Paul, Minnesota $500.00
erin white Little Rock, AR $50.00
Frank Conway NY, nY $25.00
Cris Elkins Greensboro, NC $50.00
Cadets Serving in Silence West Point, NY $50.00
Cadets Serving in Silence West Point, New York $50.00
New Friends West Point, NY $50.00