2006 Equality Rider: Rachel Powell

Name: Rachel Powell
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Age: 19

For me, the Equality Ride is truly a diamond in the rocks — a chance to give meaning to my life, a chance to make better someone else’s life. The Equality Ride is only a small piece of the GLBT-freedom pie, but I feel it is an excellent push; moreover, it could be the push that enlightens and motivates the younger generation. Securing academic freedom ensures the uninhibited flow of thought and information that will make us all better learners, better citizens, better people.

Rachel has been sponsored a total amount of $1225.25.

Name Location Amount
Kim VanHoosier-Carey Shreveport, LA $100.00
Robert Darrow Shreveport, LA $25.00
Eddie Lopez Shreveport, LA $25.25
Michelle Wolkomir Shreveport, LA $25.00
Adrienne Critcher Shreveport, LA $25.00
Susan Clark Shreveport, La $25.00
Patsy Dewitt Shreveport, LA $25.00
Mary Gail Lamonte Opelousas, LA $50.00
Anonymous Donor   $10.00
Christopher Ciocchetti Shreveport, LA $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $10.00
Elaine Johnston Bossier City, LA $100.00
Katherine Michiels Shreveport, La $10.00
Claire McDonnell Shreveport, LA $25.00
Kenneth Beatty Shreveport, LA $200.00
Sherry Kirkus Shreveport, LA $20.00
Lauri Vasseur Magnolia, TX $100.00
Heather Blanchette Shreveport, La $10.00
Susan Caldwell Bossier City, LA $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Lauri Vasseur MAGNOLIA, TEXAS $100.00
Anonymous Donor   $125.00
Amy Harrell Shreveport, LA $15.00