2006 Equality Rider: Rebecca Solomon

Name: Rebecca Solomon
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age: 17

When the opportunity for me to go on the Ride appeared, I knew that I couldn’t turn it down. The students at these schools deserve to hear that God’s love for them is unwavering, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. I’m happy to be able to share that message with them. I feel that even the schools that refuse to let us come will be affected by our visit because as Gandhi said, "The law of love will work… whether we accept it or not."

Rebecca has been sponsored a total amount of $1075.00.

Name Location Amount
Kathleen Adams Shaker Heights, OHIO $100.00
Anonymous Donor   $25.00
Taylor Kennedy Houston, TX $50.00
Rajpaul Bagga Campbell, CA $100.00
Gail and Brenda Corsicana, tx $50.00
Loren Dokke Seattle, WA $50.00
Jeff Lutes Austin, Texas $25.00
Chuck Phelan Los Angeles, CA $100.00
Ann & Mary Sugar Land, TX $50.00
Anne Wynne and Fred Ellis Austin, TX $50.00
Andrew Dier and Vio Barco Santa Rosa Beach, FL $25.00
Ken Foster Houston, TX $50.00
Kim McLaughlin Abilene, TX $25.00
Rick Hunter Winston Salem, NC $50.00
The Marriott-Voss Clan Austin, TX $150.00
Alyx Zinkowski Tamarac, FL $15.00
evank/amberglow NY, NY $100.00
Cory Winterset, IA $10.00
365 Days 365 Ways Valdez Austin, Texas $50.00

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