2006 Equality Rider: Ryder

Name: Ryder
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Age: 1
Email: ryder@equalityride.com

I am the newest rider! I was picked up along the way in the great state of Texas! I lived in the mall in an overcrowded apartment. People were always walking by and staring at me. I never fit in around that crowd. I always felt like I had places to go and people to cheer up. There’s no room for a gay hamster in today’s mall. I heard all of the kids and even adults cracking queer jokes and saying that’s so "gay." So here I am going across the county with my little red bus in this big gay bus to cheer up all the riders and do my part in fighting for justice. My message is that the "Little guys can do big things too!"

Ryder has been sponsored a total amount of $160.00.

Name Location Amount
Jamie McDaniel Lexington, KY $25.00
Rameshwar Padmanabhan Pittsford, NY $10.00
"Slick" Salomon Silver Spring, MD $25.00
Anonymous Donor   $100.00