2007 Equality Ride East Bus Route: Gordon College

Gordon CollegeThe Equality Ride stop at Gordon College was April 16-17, 2007.

The Equality Rider who organized the stop at Gordon College was Kyle Devries.

Kyle Devries Kyle Devries


The Equality Ride’s visit to Gordon College was a huge success. Our first night in Massaschusetts we worshiped with students at the Catacombs worship service after an incredible community event put together by the North Shore Unitarian Church and the Greater Boston PFLAG. The next evening the school hosted the "Loving Like Jesus" presentation which over 800 students attended!! After that we met with students in the President’s Dining Room for informal conversation until late at night.

Tuesday morning we came onto campus to give another presentation "Ending the Violence of Exclusion". The presentation went extremely well with another couple hundred students attending. After the presentation, the Equality Riders split up – some went to classrooms, some to meetings with the Student Government or administration, and others to the Student Union to speak with students. The day ended with more dialogue between riders and students over lunch.

One of the most incredible results of our visit to Gordon College has been the budding formation of a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) dedicated to providing support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students. The GSA is currently being worked out to be an official organization within the school. If you are interested in providing support to the GSA please e-mail me at kyle@equalityride.com.


If you are a student at Gordon College, an alumni of Gordon College, or a concerned citizen in the Wenham, Massachusetts area and would like more information about Soulforce Equality Ride’s visit to Gordon College please feel free to e-mail me at kyle@equalityride.com.

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