2007 Equality Ride East Bus Route: Messiah College

Messiah CollegeThe Equality Ride stop at Messiah College is April 13, 2007.

The Equality Rider organizing the stop at Messiah College is Abigail Reikow.

Abigail Reikow Abigail Reikow


If you are a student at Messiah College, an alumni of Messiah College, or a concerned citizen in the Grantham, Pennsylvania area and would like to help with the Soulforce Equality Ride’s visit to Messiah College, please register below.

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Messiah Update
Abigail Reikow

The visit to Messiah College in Grantham, Pa, for which I served as organizer, proved to be a huge success. We spent the day in informal conversation with students on campus, visited two classrooms for discussion, and were part of a panel discussion on the topic of "Loving Like Jesus." We were also guests at a community dinner hosted at a student’s off-campus house, where nearly fifty were in attendance. Among these guests were students, community members, and alumni, all of whom pledged to continue this work for LGBT equality in the local community surrounding Messiah. The students on campus had also begun printing and dispersing flyers for a first GSA (gay/straight alliance) meeting, although not sanctioned by school administration, and were offered sponsorship by attending alumni. As a native of Pennsylvania, I was very thankful and proud of the hospitality that was demonstrated at the school we visited in my home state, through the efforts of students, administration, and community members.