2007 Equality Ride East Bus Route: Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Baptist UniversityThe Equality Ride stop at Oklahoma Baptist University is March 14-15, 2007.

The Equality Riders organizing the stop at Oklahoma Baptist University are Rachel Loskill and Greg Johnson.

Rachel Loskill Rachel Loskill
Greg Johnson Greg Johnson


Two days were spent on campus at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). The first day, Equality Riders wanted to go to chapel on campus. We were all turned away one by one, and five riders were arrested and spent the day in jail. The riders who were not arrested remained in vigil outside. After chapel ended for the students and faculty at OBU, Equality Riders were not allowed to attend a prayer vigil hosted by gay alumnus Rev. Scott Jones. Instead, they kneeled in vigil and prayer outside the white picket fence. The rest of the day was spent walking up and down University Street having conversations with students and faculty.

The second day on campus began outside of chapel on the lawn. Students, alumni, and community members donated fabric to create a "Tapestry of Love." We cut, sewed and wrote bible verses, quotes and song lyrics on pieces of the tapestry. Later in the day, five riders and two community members walked the tapestry across campus to put in the student center. They were stopped halfway and five Equality Riders were arrested. Two OBU students picked up the tapestry and finished walking the piece into the student center. The rest of the day was spent at a nearby park talking with students and community members about faith, love and the Equality Ride.

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