2007 Equality Ride West Bus Route: George Fox University

George Fox UniversityThe Equality Ride stop at George Fox University was April 5, 2007.

The Equality Riders who organized the stop at George Fox University are Amy Brainer-Medellin and Tab Dansby.

Amy Brainer-Medellin Amy Brainer-Medellin
Tab Dansby Tab Dansby


George Fox University welcomed us onto campus for a full day of programming, including six classroom visits addressing themes as diverse as theology, personal faith journeys, counseling and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and an international perspective on sexuality, society, and faith. Additionally, Equality Riders and students engaged in meaningful dialogue over shared meals and in the campus coffeehouse. Debriefing at the end of the day, both Riders and students expressed an appreciation for the gracious and respectful tone of the visit.

Off campus, Equality Riders networked with Newberg and Portland community members in a variety of ways, from a nonviolence seminar, to friendly conversation while hiking, to work and service at a local organic farm. Special thanks to Central Lutheran Church for extending hospitality to us in the form of good food and fellowship.

We as stop organizers feel encouraged by the community response and hopeful for continued justice work in Newberg and specifically on George Fox campus. Just prior to our arrival, the GFU newspaper printed an article in which an administrator contrasted "love" and "truth" – saying that one could err on the "love side" or the "truth side" in regard to LGBT equality. It is our prayer that George Fox University administrators, faculty, and students would not make a choice between love and truth, but instead would seek the truth in love, cherishing both of these Scripturally mandated ideals in recognizing the equality of all people.

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