2007 Equality Ride West Bus Route: Pepperdine University

Pepperdine UniversityThe Equality Ride stop at Pepperdine University was March 26-27, 2007.

The Equality Riders organizing the stop at Pepperdine University are Brian Murphy and Jillian Nye.

Brian Murphy Brian Murphy
Jillian Nye Jillian Nye


During our time at Pepperdine, were warmly welcomed onto the campus, by students, staff, and administrators.

We had two full days of conversation, wonderful meals, presentations, prayer and uplifting words of encouragement for all who had ears to hear. Our time began and ended with the chaplain and many beautiful connections were made between students and riders, and staff and riders.

The Equality Ride and select students attended an off campus "field trip" together to the Museum of Tolerance, a nearby musuem which showcases a history of rejection. Our time there left a deep impact on all who attended and we are grateful to Pepperdine University for stepping outside of their comfort zone and welcoming us in. This stop was so special and dear to our hearts for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason being a visit from Jillian’s son and mother.

Aside from our successful time on campus, we also had some fun time at the beach. We were fortunate enough to attend the drum circle in Venice Beach and we danced and enjoyed the salty air. Some of us even went for an evening dip in the healing Pacific Ocean! We delighted in the opportunity. The following evening we attended a mixer with GLEE (Gays, Lesbians and Everyone Else) which is Pepperdine’s unofficial gay straight alliance. Such love and affirmation to be around talented, compassionate, intelligent, and fun people.

Stop coordinators Jillian Nye and Brian Murphy plan to stay in contact with the dean of students, the head of the off campus g.s.a., and other students and staff with whom they made personal connections.

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