2007 Soulforce Equality Ride

2007 Soulforce Q Equality Ride

In 2007, the Equality Ride hit the road again, this time with twice the power. Two buses, four co-directors, fifty riders, and twenty four stops. The buses split up the country, one heading west from Minneapolis, MN and one heading east. The ride visited mostly new schools, but returned to a few stops from the 2006 Equality Ride to continue the relentless pursuit of justice.

Meet the riders

Meet the 2007 Equality Riders

Meet the 2007 Equality Riders


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2007 West Bus Route 2007 East Bus Route

Explore the routes that the 2007 West Bus and East Bus traveled.


Photos From the Road

Photos from the 2007 West Bus

Photos from the 2007 East Bus

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