2010 Equality Ride

2010 Equality Ride

The 2010 Equality Ride was a success!  The fourth Ride visited 15 campuses with polices that are discriminatory to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students, and brought a message of justice and inclusion to communities across the US.   The Ride is a catalyst for change, and has already sparked the formation of queer-straight alliance student groups, activated students and faculty members to come out publicly as allies to their LGBTQ peers, seen a student government association pass a resolution supporting safe spaces on campus, and a counseling center remove harmful ‘ex-gay’ resources from its website, and participated in the shattering of dangerous silences.  The fourth Equality Ride placed a special focus on community work, and partnered in volunteer work, facilitated social justice forums, and linked students with supportive community members.  Thanks to the many community members and students who showed their support on the road!  Although the 2010 Ride has ended, the work has only just begun, and we look forward to watching and encouraging what grows from the seeds that were planted this spring.

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Meet the 2010 Equality Riders

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