2010 Equality Rider: Amanda Genaro


Name: Amanda Genaro
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 24


Hey y’all! I’m Amanda Lee. I’m a 25 year old, Hard-of-hearing, bisexual, sober woman. I’m from Indiana, but have lived most of the last 7 years in Minneapolis, MN. I currently reside in the Phillips West Community of South Minneapolis with my partner, Meg, and our 2 kittens, Uzi and Ammo. 

I had my first run in with Soulforce during the first Equality Ride in 2006 when they came to demonstrate at North Central University, where I was finishing up my 3rd year of college. I was closeted, and I hated myself. After the Equality Ride I began to come out, and the more I stopped pretending, the better I liked myself and the happier I was. It was difficult reconciling my faith and my sexuality. I spent a lot of time searching the Scriptures and praying.  Then I realized that God loves and affirms me for who I am. That experience was a launching pad for me. There were many ups and downs along the way, but I am thankful to Soulforce because without their support, one of my downs would have killed me… 

In May 2009 (2 months before my graduation date) North Central dismissed me because of my sexuality. "NCU and the AG do not condone homosexuality as a lifestyle choice." It was difficult after 6 years of NCU being my family to have them reject me. I also had to step down from many ministerial positions and lost many friends. Soulforce was there for me and I am so excited that I can be a part of this Ride. I want to bring a message of hope and healing to people who have been hurt by spiritual violence masquerading as love. If we can let one student know that God loves them and that it isn’t worth putting a gun in their mouth then it will all be worth it.



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