2010 Equality Rider: Heather Shuttleworth


Name: Heather Shuttleworth
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Age: 22


I believe that all individuals should have the ability to fully express the beautiful and unique people they are. Authentic self-expression, and acceptance of that in others, are responsibilities each of us must satisfy in order to contribute more fully to the richness of our society. An unwavering belief in yourself and others is a powerful gift that can enable you to change the world! The Equality Ride makes this a possibility by affirming–and inviting others to affirm–individuals whose ability to remain true to themselves is crippled by injustice.   

This is a journey to defend beauty and defeat ignorance by opening hearts and minds. This remarkable opportunity comes with many challenges that I am enthusiastically prepared to meet. It is my hope that our efforts lead us to a place of understanding… a place where each of us chooses to acknowledge and celebrate our diversity as well as our similarities… a place where hope illuminates our paths and everyone’s light is free to shine brighter than ever before.



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