2010 Equality Rider: Marsha Makatini


Name: Marsha Makatini
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Age: 23


Growing up in a rural area in Africa, all I knew of life was that I was a human being that was born into this world.  The confusion was difficult for me to handle – with different feelings in my soul and heart that were in contradiction to my body.  I needed to accept myself, be strong, and continue on with my life; to find people who valued me – and try to work together with them in the interest of human rights. 

What gives me strength to continue is the abuse so many people face–being beaten or facing mob-justice, or getting murdered only because they are LGBTI.  The Equality Ride has given me a chance to learn, talk about experiences, injustices, and oppression.  This is a great opportunity for me personally – and it will be a great chance to share my story.  As an Equality Rider, I am looking forward to a powerful and encouraging journey with others.



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