2010 Equality Rider: Nick Millar


Name: Nick Millar
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Age: 25


In this country, there are still many powerful institutions, including churches and universities, that enforce doctrine that adversely affects the lives of countless GLBT people. Millions of citizens stand by and support these institutions.  At some colleges GLBT students are expelled because of who they are.  In some denominations, gay pastors and clergymen are stripped of their titles and statuses if they disclose their sexual orientation.  These prejudices are based on fear, and although many of these places preach love, tolerance, and acceptance for all, their actions do not represent that message. 

As the Equality Ride travels cross-country, its message is that of compassion and a willingness to step out from that place of fear and connect with others who may fundamentally disagree with us.  Our message comes rooted in the understanding that despite whatever opposing ideologies we may have, we must be willing to share with one another our values and perspectives as fellow human beings.  Through this understanding, I believe we will be able to build connections based on mutual respect and ultimately realize we all have far more in common than not.  This is an important step in changing how some churches, colleges, and families treat the GLBT community, and I want to be a part of that process.  The Equality Ride combines my passion for social justice, eagerness to make new friends all over the country, and love of a good old-fashioned road trip.  Lets spread the love.



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