2010 Equality Rider: Stuart Brewster


Name: Stuart Brewster
Hometown: Valley Village, CA
Age: 26


When I began coming out in college, I was a member of a Bible study group with views strongly condemning homosexuality.  I believed them when they told me I needed to change – that my gayness was really a spiritual sickness from which I needed to be healed.  I prayed all the right prayers, read all the right books, and listened to all the right spiritual counselors.  Yet nothing changed except that I felt more alone and worthless than ever. 

Still, I was lucky.  As I came out, I discovered support in some surprising places and was able to nurture my growing sense of identity at a nearby LGBT center.  But in too many schools and institutions across the country, LGBTQ people are forced to sacrifice their authenticity to avoid getting kicked out, censured, or forced into harmful "reparative" therapy. 

The Equality Ride’s purpose is to peacefully demonstrate and open dialogue in places where God’s love is not extended equally to all of his children, to begin easing some of those institutional barriers to authenticity one heart at a time.  Just as importantly, I hope that in the places we visit, we will be visible to our silently suffering brothers and sisters, sending them a simple message: You are not alone. 

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