2010 Soulforce Q Equality Ride Media Resource Page

For inquiries from the media about the Soulforce Q Equality Ride, contact the Cindi Love: cindi@soulforce.org

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Past Equality Ride Press Releases

05/10/2007 Soulforce Equality Ride Sows Lasting Change at Christian Colleges
04/26/2007 Ten Equality Riders Arrested at Bethany Lutheran College
04/25/2007 Young Adults Discuss Christian Faith and LGBT Equality on Northwestern Campus
04/22/2007 Equality Ride Moves Students at Cedarville University
04/19/2007 President of Yellowstone Baptist College Rejects Visitors to Campus; Equality Riders Pursue Dialogue on Faith and Sexuality
04/17/2007 Brigham Young University Revises Policy on Sexuality; Discriminatory Policy Revisted After Soulforce Equality Riders Visit
04/16/2007 Eight Arrested at BYU, Two From Church of Latter-Day Saints
04/16/2007 Equality Ride Written into Congressional Record and Honored by the City of New York
04/13/2007 Young Adults Bring Dialogue on Faith and Gays to Idaho
04/11/2007 Seattle’s City Council Proclaims April 11 "Equality Ride 2007 Day"
04/05/2007 Equality Ride Bridges the Gap Between Gays, Christians
04/04/2007 Equality Riders Face Anti-Gay Protesters Outside Bob Jones University
04/04/2007 Fresno Pacific University Faculty Reaches Out to Equality Riders for Resolutions; Young Adults Bring Discussion of Christian Faith and LGBT Issues
04/02/2007 Survivors of Ex-Gay Programs Reach Out to Other Survivors; BeyondExGay.com Launches Today, Conference Set for June
03/29/2007 Equality Riders Inspire Gay Students at Pepperdine University
03/28/2007 Two Students and One Equality Rider Arrested for Standing on Public Sidewalk Outside of University of the Cumberlands; Gay Student Expelled One Year Ago
03/26/2007 Sit-in at Southern Baptist Leader’s Office Ends in 12 Arrests
03/26/2007 Gay/Straight Youth Sit-in at Southern Baptist Leader’s Office; Demand Apology for Eugenics Remarks
03/23/2007 Police Harass Traveling Young Adults; Nonviolent Group is Threatened and Intimidated by Officers
03/22/2007 Mormon Equality Rider and Mother Arrested at BYU; National Tour of Young Adults Out to Reconcile Gays and the Church
03/22/2007 Five Arrested at Mississippi College; Members of Nationwide Journey of Gay and Straight Young Adult Leaders Challenge Anti-gay Policy
03/21/2007 National Tour of Christian Colleges Faces Resistance at Mississippi College, BYU
03/21/2007 Baylor Student Arrested for Action Affirming Gay Students; Equality Riders Join BU Students to Resist Climate of Silence and Fear
03/17/2007 "Barred From the Churches of Our Birth"; Mormons Ban Equality Riders on All Church Property
03/15/2007 "Our Lives Aren’t Wrong"; OBU Students Join With Equality Riders to Deliver Message of Love
03/15/2007 Equality Riders Arrested at Oklahoma Baptist University; Administration Reneges on Last Year’s Promise to Protect LGBT Students
03/13/2007 Soulforce Equality Ride Reaches Students at Wisconsin Lutheran
03/12/2007 Fear Leads to Arrests at Central Bible College
03/09/2007 Arrests Made on Notre Dame Campus; Young Adult Activists Taken Into Custody
03/08/2007 Equality Ride Faces Vandalism, Intimidation in the Heartland – East Bus is Defaced with Anti-gay Slurs in Iowa; Students Face Repercussions at Notre Dame
03/07/2007 Soulforce Q Launches Nationwide Journey to Christian Colleges to Talk About LGBT People and Faith
02/21/2007 A Mission of Understanding: Young Gay Leaders on a Mission to Christian Colleges

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