A letter from a current student at Liberty University

As a Liberty student, I know what it is like to have to suppress or hide a part of who I am. You see others having normal dates. If I were to go on a date, I would have the fear of getting caught and the possibility of being kicked out. Is that really part of the mission of Liberty University? Where is the Christian love in all of this? I only know of a couple gay guys on campus. The ones I know of are completely afraid of being found out. Of course, a part of who we are must remain a secret for now.

I hope and pray that some day issues such as homosexuality won’t matter at a place like Liberty. I really do love my school and am proud that I can attend such a great university, however, I can’t exactly let anyone know that I am gay.

There should not be any fear of hanging out with someone you know is gay. The gay guys I know of are totally afraid of meeting on campus or really most places in Lynchburg. They do not want to be associated with someone else whom they know to be gay.