A Letter From an Alumni of Bethel University

When I started at Bethel I signed the covenant statement and the line about
homosexuality did not bother me at all. I wasn’t homosexual and I didn’t know
anyone who was. It wasn’t an issue for me at the time and if someone had
confronted me about it I would have said that I agreed with the statement. But
my education at Bethel helped to change this. In Bible and Theology classes at
Bethel I learned to take the Bible more seriously and I allowed its truth to
subvert my previous understanding of many issues, including homosexuality. I
also met and became close friends with many people inside and out of the
Evangelical subculture who shared their stories with me about what it was like
to be in the closet and the variety of responses they garnered, from horror
stories to stories of generosity and love, when they came out of the closet. I
am writing this letter in support of all current Bethel students who might want
to come out of the closet but don’t know how. I am also writing because I know
that for many students coming out of the closet at all is not even on the
horizon because they still persecute themselves. There are many current
students and faculty who would like to see Bethel’s policy become more Biblical
and once and for all reject the position that homosexuality is a sin. As a
recent alumnus I want to add my name to that list.

Thomas Gokey

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