A letter from an alumni of Lee University

I am so glad to have found that you are riding to Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. This was my first undergraduate college. I was kicked out after 3 and 1/2 years of full time study for being gay. I was a senior and was very active in their Choirs as a soloist and in their main recruiting/ministering drama team, "The Kingdom Players." After a sexual encounter with a man over thanksgiving break I confessed my "sin" to Dr. Carbaugh(Drama Professor and director of Kingdom Players). She sent me to the campus counsellor and kicked me off of the drama team(revoking my scholorship). Also unbeknownst to me she called the dean to tell him what I had done. I finished the semester with no other discilpineary action, thinking I was fine because I confessed and was trying to be healed of my homosexuality like they wanted me to. After my final exam before Christmas break I found a message from the dean calling me to his office. He kicked me out of Lee University. He said that if I could successfuly complete an Exodus International program and get a letter from my home churches pastor confirming that I was actually healed of this abomination I could return. I had only one full semester and one partial summer session until graduation. My parents and church pastor were called (without my permission) and told that I was a homosexual and had been expelled from school for it. I was put in a "healing" program called "Living Waters" in Charleston SC (my hometown), but in the course of my study there I found peace with myself and God about being gay, not to mention discovering the church’s lies about the Bible condeming me. I found God’s love inside myself and also found the strength to leave the program and tell my family who I was and that I was not going to change. I now know that I am gay, I am a christian. and that is ok. I did finish school by transfering eventually to New York University and after 2 and 1/2 years there finally got my degree (4 years after I should have and with more debt that I originally would have). I am now with the man of my dreams and we have been together 5 years. I am a working actor (my field of study) and am happier that I ever was before. I still have problems in life, just like every other person, but I know my God is there to help me through the rough times. Thank you for listening and thank you for making a difference with this ride across the nation!

Matthew Guyon Myers