A Soulforce Credo About Myself

If you believe the Soulforce Credo About Myself, (or if you are trying to believe it), print it. Sign it.

A Soulforce Credo About Myself

  1. I believe that I am a child of a loving Creator, a daughter or a son of the Soulforce at the center of the universe.

  2. I believe that I am loved by my Creator exactly as I am. My sexual orientation is not a sickness to be healed nor a sin to be forgiven. My sexual orientation is a gift from my Creator to be accepted, celebrated, and lived with integrity.

  3. I believe that I am not an accident. I have a purpose. I was shaped by my Creator to love God and to assist in God’s eternal struggle to win justice for all Her children who suffer injustice.

  4. I believe that I will not discover my purpose or realize my power (my own "soul force") until I join my Creator in doing justice (making things fair for all those who suffer).

  5. I believe that when I join my Creator in doing justice, my own life will be renewed, empowered, and made more meaningful.

  6. I believe that in serving others, it is as much my moral obligation to refuse to cooperate with evil as it is to cooperate with good.

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