Accommodations in Cincinnati

HOTEL: A member of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church has negotiated an incredible rate of $69/night at the Vernon Manor, a historic hotel in Cincinnati.

The Vernon Manor is located at 400 Oak St in Cincinnati, OH 45219. It is a mile from Mt. Auburn and 3 miles from Clifton UM. The hotel provides shuttle service in Cincinnati, public transportation is available, and several vans are available from members of Mt. Auburn. Additionally, several people are renting cars, so transportation from the hotel to other locations should not be a problem.

You can look at the accommodations on the web at

To get the rate of $69/night, you must call them directly at 800-543-3999 and mention you are there with Soulforce.

HOME HOSPITALITY: Plenty of home hospitality if available. If you are interested in home hospitality while you are in Cincinnati for the trial, please email Jennifer at

ALTERNATIVE HOTEL: Marriot – Springhill Suites is located 15 miles north of Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church in Mason, OH, and is offering us a rate of $49.00/night, including breakfast. It is located off Exit 19, with easy interstate on and off. Please call directly at 513-683-7797 and mention "Soulforce Group" to get this deal.


Airline prices into Cincinnati are astronomical, unless you can get a good fare on Priceline.

Check alternative flights into Dayton (1 hour from Cincinnati) Columbus (1.75 hours) , or Louisville, KY (1.75 hrs)

NOTE: Cleveland is 4 hours from Cincinnati – do NOT book flights to Cleveland.

Southwest flies into Columbus and Louisville.

It is cheaper to fly into one of the alternative cities, and rent a car for $20/day. Also, train transportation is available from some locations.

If you need help booking flights, or are looking for a ride from one of the above cities, please email

If you live in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, or Louisville area, and are willing to pick people up at the airport who fly into these less expensive locales, please email


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