Assemblies of God

With 2.8 million adherents in the USA & 52.5 million worldwide the Assemblies of God constitute the fourth largest Christian religious body in the world. 30,000 new adherents are added every week. They claim 268,486 churches in 212 countries.

The Assemblies of God grew more than any of the other top 20 faith groups, according to the "2006 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches."

The AG reported an increase of 1.81 percent, with 2,779,095 members, ranking 10th in the nation in overall adherents. The only other groups to show increases among the top 20 in 2004 were the Mormons with a growth rate of 1.74 percent and Catholics at .83 percent.

The Assemblies of God have their strongest hold in Latin America. AG adherents make up 7 to 35 percent of the population in some Latin American countries. In Guatemala, Brazil, and Nicaragua they are becoming more numerous than practicing Catholics. Recent statistics show that AG converts account for two out of every three Evangelicals in Latin America.

With adherents giving $346,817,938 annually in the US the denomination packs a powerful financial punch. The Assemblies of God have successfully implemented tithing among much of its membership. In the United States, AG members are ranked as the second most generous in financial support of their church. [Source: "Financing American Religion" by Monica Seaberry, (C) 1999 by Religion News Service

In General Social Survey studies, Assemblies of God members ranked first among all religious groups in the percentage of their adherents who believe in Biblical literalness (combined 1984 and 1985 GSSs data. Source: Classifying Protestant Denominations, Tom W. Smith, October 1986, GSS Methodological Report No. 43. General Social Survey project directed by James A. Davis and Tom W. Smith. A later version of this paper was published in Review of Religious Research, 31 (March, 1990), 225-245).

Assemblies of God (AG) Stance on Homosexuality:

"Homosexuality is both a sin against God and mankind." -AG Commission on Doctrinal Purity

"Clearly on every front whether it be moral, spiritual, physical, or psychological, the practice of homosexuality has proven itself devoid of any individual good or social benefits." -AG Commission on Doctrinal Purity

"In showing compassion to gays, some have disregarded what the Bible says about homosexuality." -AG Commission on Doctrinal Purity

"When society declares same-sex unions and marriages as sacred we are staring evil in the face." Charles Crabtree Assistant General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

"And what we see today parallels what Jude was dealing with in his day. Angry, militant gays, who are mad at Bible believing saints, and who want to see their churches destroyed… Don’t tell me that people who live in a homosexual lifestyle are filled with the Holy Sprit. The Bible says here clearly they are not." Sermon by Ric Freeman pastor of 1st Assembly of God Church in Weatherford, OK

"The General Council of the Assemblies of God has never wavered in its stance against homosexual activity." Statement by Ginger Galloway head of Exodus International’s Assemblies of God task force

Notable AG adherents:

  • Alan Chambers – President of Exodus International largest "ex-gay" organization in the world.
  • Marilyn Musgrave – Colorado congresswoman and chief sponsor of proposed Federal Marriage Amendment.
  • Timothy Johnson – Illinois congressman
  • Todd Tiahrt – Kansas congressman
  • Jo Ann Davis – Virginia congressman
  • John Ashcroft – Former U.S. attorney general; former senator from Missouri; first AG member to be elected as a U.S. congressman
  • Andrew Evans – Australia politician and Assemblies of God pastor; founder of the Family First Party; elected to the South Australian Legislative Council on 9 February 2002.
  • Elvis Presley – musical entertainer, actor, "King of Rock & Roll"
  • Jerry Lee Lewis – American rock and roll pioneer piano player and singer
  • Jim Bakker – once popular PTL televangelist (defrocked by AG after sex/financial scandal)
  • Jimmy Swaggart – televangelist; instrumental in exposing Jim Bakker scandal; soon thereafter scandalized himself after being repeatedly caught with prostitutes (defrocked by the AG)

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