Become a Soulforce 2005 Site Sponsor

Site Sponsor ExampleSoulforce will be launching our completely revamped website in the fall of 2005. The Soulforce website is a most important component in our ongoing mission of freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The resources we put into our website are a direct investment in other key Soulforce objectives such as keeping members informed, recruiting volunteers for national actions, raising funds, distributing educational materials, and outreach to closeted LGBT persons.

We need friends who are willing to become a Site Sponsor by contributing $250 or more towards this project. Site Sponsors will be granted immediate access to our new website. You will be able to go ahead and create your online profile and the special title of 2005 Site Sponsor will appear next to your picture. You will also be helping to give the new site a test drive before we open it up to the larger Soulforce community.

To become a site sponsor, please make an online donation of $250 to Soulforce and specify 2005 Site Sponsor in your comments.