Biblical Evidence

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What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say about Homosexuality
Mel White

Homosexuality and the Bible
Walter Wink

Like the Wideness of the Sea?
Lewis B. Smedes

Biblical Misuse

Homosexuality: The Verdict Is In – Not A Sickness! Not A Sin!
Mel White — Draft of Video for comment.

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The Bible is an Empty Closet
Dr. Ralph Blair

Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse
Rembert S Truluck

God’s Plan for Same-Sex Relationships
Arguing from the perspective of the Reformed tradition of Calvin and Barth, theologian Andrew Lang says that God calls all men and women into covenantal relationships that are "schools for sinners" where we are converted into a life of holiness. Lang applies the Reformed idea of "covenant" to three types of relationships: heterosexual marriage, celibate community, and same-sex unions.

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