Eastern Mennonite University

Name: Eastern Mennonite University

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia
Religious Affiliation: Mennonite Church
Enrollment: 1,444
Website: www.emu.edu
Association of Theological Schools
Council on Social Work Education
National Council for the Accreditation for Teacher Education
National League for Nursing
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

Concerning GLBT Equality:

School policy prohibits sexual misconduct, which they define as, “sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, premarital, extramarital, and homosexual genital activity.”

This policy can be found in the Disciplinary Information & Policies section of the Eastern Mennonite school handbook which is located here.

The Eastern Mennonite University policy is unique because it is not as vague as “homosexual behavior” which is often cited by school policies.

Moreover, Eastern Mennonite University makes the following statement:

“EMU recognizes its students as adults who can be expected to obey the rules and regulations of the university, take personal responsibility for their own conduct, and respect the rights and property of others. The university does not police the personal lives of students or invade their privacy without due cause. However, students who cause disorder, present a danger to themselves or others, or inflict property loss or damage are disciplined.”

It seems, however, that Eastern Mennonite University enforces the sexual misconduct policy differently in regards to whether the offender is heterosexual or homosexual. For example, EMU has a pregnancy policy which states:

“EMU strives to create an atmosphere where each student experiences intellectual development and personal growth. It is the responsibility of the faculty, staff and students to foster and protect that atmosphere to provide each student with an opportunity for success. When a student becomes pregnant, she is faced with many difficult decisions. While EMU does not support a student’s choice to engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage, we do support the decision to carry the child to full term. In order to provide support, and encourage mental and physical healthcare, pregnant students choosing to live in the residence hall will be required to sign a well-being contract agreeing to engage in pre-natal care and personal counseling.”

EMU enforced their sexual misconduct policy when it dismissed a gay professor in 2004 for homosexual behavior. Read the entire story here.

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