Equality Ride: Liberty University

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Report on the Equality Ride Action at Liberty University

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On Monday April 25th young adults from around Virginia and the surrounding area will take a stand at Liberty University to send out an important message for all to hear:

God loves gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people
exactly as they are without reservation.

Please consider joining these committed young adults as they take this important stand for justice.

The Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell is nationally known for his belief that homosexuality is a sin and he is infamous for his anti-GLBT remarks, which debase and devalue the lives of GLBT people. Liberty University students are taught to take his perspective as truth. They are denied the opportunity to hear in their classrooms a reasoned argument that disagrees with the belief that homosexuality is a sickness and a sin.

College should be place of academic freedom, a time to question prior beliefs and above all else, a time for free expression. But for students at Liberty University, college does not come with that freedom. This is especially true for GLBT students who must remain closeted, living in fear of others finding out their secret.

By choosing to go to Liberty, you are taking a stand against the fear these closeted Liberty students face. By choosing to go to Liberty, you are taking a stand in favor of the academic freedom every Liberty student is denied.

So please come and take a stand with us. Join us on the night of Sunday, April 24th for a nonviolent training to prepare for the action and stand with us on Monday, April 25th on the campus of Liberty University to send out our message of academic freedom and GLBT equality.

By standing with us, I promise you will find your spirit and energy for activism renewed because in the process of defending the humanity and equality of others, we defend our own humanity and equality as well.

If you have questions about the direct action at Liberty University please don’t hesitate to email me, Jake Reitan, at jake@soulforce.org or call me on my cell phone at 952-212-8311.

Location: First Christian Church
3019 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, Virginia
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Schedule for the Liberty Action

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