George Fox University

Name: George Fox University
Location: Newberg, Oregon
Religious Affiliation: Friends (Quaker)
Enrollment: 3,185
Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities, Commission on Colleges

Concerning GLBT Equality:

The George Fox University 2006-07 Student Life Handbook contains the following:

Responsibilities for Behavior and Attitudes

Certain behaviors known to be morally wrong by biblical teaching are not acceptable for members of the George Fox University community. They include theft, lying, all forms of dishonesty, gossip, slander, backbiting, profanity, vulgarity (including crude language), sexual immorality (including adultery, homosexual behavior, and premarital sex), drunkenness, immodesty of dress, and occult practices.

Students who make decisions to violate the university’s lifestyle expectations are held responsible for their actions through a process of community accountability. The process is intended to be redemptive, restorative and to assist the student in making better decisions in the future. Censequences given are appropriate for each situation. Some violations may result in short or long term suspension or dismissal.

The entire policy can be seen in the George Fox University student handbook, which can be viewed here.

Numerous ex-gay speakers have come to George Fox University to give their testimonials

Here is an announcement telling of one of their recent speakers:

"Wed., April 2, 10 a.m. Portland Fellowship executive director Phil Hobizal, Co-Director Jason Thompson, and Intern Katie Wood, speaking on freedom from a homosexual lifestyle through Jesus Christ, ‘Freedom From a Secret’"