Greenville College

Name: Greenville College

Location: Greenville, Illinois
Religious Affiliation: Free Methodist Church
Enrollment: 1,169
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission

Concerning GLBT Equality:

This school, which recently celebrated its sesquicentennial, lays out its prohibition against homosexuality in the school Lifestyle Statement. This statement must be signed as requirement for admission. The statement reads:

“Scripture also prohibits certain behaviors and community members should avoid them. They include backbiting, cheating, dishonesty, drunkenness, gossip, immodesty of dress, lying, occult practices, profanity, sexual promiscuity (including adultery, homosexual behavior, pre-marital sex), theft, and vulgarity.”

The entire statement can be viewed as a PDF here.

The prohibition against homosexual behavior is also mentioned the schools Code of Conduct:

Sexual Misconduct – Sexual activity which is inconsistent with biblical teaching such as sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage, sexual assault, sexual harassment, homosexual behavior, or the appearance of any one of these (e.g. staying overnight with a person). The touching or fondling of the genitals of another is considered by the College as inappropriate behavior for relationships outside of marriage.

The disciplinary measures taken for violation of this policy vary but can include dismissal from the school.

The code of conduct can be viewed as a PDF here.