Hope International University: Pacific Christian College

Name: Hope International University: Pacific Christian College
Location: Fullerton, California
Religious Affiliation: No Official Denominational Affiliation or Religious Affiliation
Enrollment: 1,549
Website: www.hiu.edu
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities

Concerning GLBT Equality:

The Hope International University 2006-07 student handbook states:

4.0 Social, Moral or Biblical
The following are prohibited:

4.8 Inappropriate Dating or Living. Single students dating married persons, married students dating anyone other than their spouse, homosexual activity, inappropriately amorous same-sex relationships, or cohabitation with members of the opposite sex.

4.9 Inappropriate Displays of Affection. Casually sleeping or lying with members of the opposite sex, lying or sleeping intimately with members of the same sex, or public affection that might be deemed inappropriate.

The student handbook goes on to state that Level 2 Violations are serious violations likely to result in a minimum consequence of probation, with appropriate sanctions and conditions, and limited-term suspension or dismissal on the first occurrence, and probable dismissal or permanent expulsion on any subsequent occurrences.

The Hope International University student handbook can be viewed as a PDF here.

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