Jack Payden-Travers

Lynchburg, Virginia

Jack Payden-TraversI’m a 51 year old heterosexual who has been in a monogamous relationship for the past 26 years. The father of two young women, I teach history, holocaust studies and general studies at Lynchburg College. I’m on this journey because I see this issue as part of the struggle for liberation which has been ongoing long before our time.

To me homosexuality is not a disease or deformity. Rather I understand homophobia to be a ‘dis-ease’ which is culturally implanted. I’ve been there and I have no desire to go back or to raise my children in a homophobic world.

We need to begin to see the light within each of us, regardless of sexual orientation. I am not going to debate the issue, I am merely coming to share my opinions and what I have learned of loving and living and being Christian from my homosexual brothers and sisters.